A Minute with Mommy!

This page is dedicated to highlighting mamas and their cubs! We are strong, powerful, creative and intentional beings. Let's shine a line on us! If you have exciting news worth sharing, click the "Submit A Minute" and send in your submission!

Latrice & Blake Jones 

Have you ever wanted to travel with your little one but immediately became filled with anxiety with the thought of going through TSA, boarding the plane and what about how your child will behave on the plane ride there? Well, we have Latrice Jones, baby traveler extraordinaire with her take on how to travel with a tot! 

Deena & Marley 

I started cooking when I was about 15, and it wasn't some of my best work. However at the tender age of 2 years old Chef Marley is baking cakes and cooking up tacos.  

Rasheeda on Motherhood

It is critical that we check-in on our mothers. I asked Rasheeda a few questions on how she has been adapting to motherhood!  Take the time to read about how parenting has been for Rasheeda!